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Ambassador is the leading manufacturer of lift chairs for healthcare in Australia. We source medical grade electrics and made to Australian Standards.

Our durable lift chairs for the bariatric, larger and highly dependent clients are all made to order at our warehouse in Sydney Australia. This allows us the ability to offer custom options, specifically for the healthcare industry and high needs clients. We cater to a variety of healthcare needs by providing customised fabrics, seat height, seat width, seat depth changes, pressure care and foam variations.

Pressure Care*

Pressure Care*

A unique benefit of ordering one of our custom made electric lift chair for healthcare is that we can offer clients a custom cut out to suit their individual pressure care and wound management requirements.

Unmanaged incontinence of any type can lead to secondary medical problems. Incontinence combined with prolonged sitting or sedentary position can lead to uncomfortable and very painful medical conditions.

Since severe incontinence is already difficult to manage in a bed or a regular chair, why not provide the affected person with a recliner option that is suitable and tailor-made to ease the routine. Ambassador recliners can be custom made in a wide variety of options for individuals who have both severe movement limitations and incontinence. One option is cushion cut-outs that allow for a special pad insert to minimise skin breakdown and increase client comfort.  ROHO cushions are commonly used in wheelchairs and power chairs specifically for people who struggle with getting in and out of the chair independently. ROHO cushions have quadrants that fill up with air via an air pump, which can be inflated to whatever firmness the user prefers.

Lift Chairs for Healthcare - Pressure Care

Healthcare Suitable Coverings*

Each of our lift chairs are individually manufactured in Sydney Australia. So we are able to source any fabric to custom cover our lift chairs for healthcare environments and needs.

Removable Covers
The chair components are velcro and zippered into place and therefore repairable and replaceable if required. This makes the Ambassador recliner the ideal lift chairs for healthcare.

Custom Fabrics for Healthcare*

Wortley STUDIO Encore Fabric
This fabric range is a wipeable/washable hospital grade vinyl used in major hospitals around Australia. This covering is treated with a Protech coating, a formula which helps guard against stains and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the healthcare environment.
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Carrflex® Supreme
This upholstery range is highly specified and ideal for use in upholstered furniture within the healthcare environment.
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Nolan Ultra-Thane
Nolan Ultra-Thane is a heavy weight PU cover designed for general purpose applications. The multi-directional stretch allows the foam to conform to the shape of the body which is ideal for hospital pressure management. Ultra-Thane fabrics are breathable and provide thermal conductivity for maximum patient comfort. The entire Ultra-Thane range is phthalate free and contains no heavy metals.
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Important Healthcare Elements

Australian Standards

Linak is a leading medical brand used in the healthcare environment. Offering an ergonomic hand control with minimal buttons to reduce confusion and peace of mind. And a rechargeable back up battery for increased longevity in case of a power outage or disconnection. All enclosed inside the chair for easy movement within a facility for staff members.

The Ambassador range is independently tested and accredited to Australian Standards. Our range can safely hold up to the weight capacity stated for each chair as a safe working load, not maximum like some other recliners on the market.  This means the range has industry leading warranties, durability and reliability.

Steel Frame & Springs

The steel frame provides a sturdy base and non-tippable for client safety. Built to last and provide durability and a long-term investment for a healthcare facility.

Lockable Castors- Additional Option

Durable castors can be placed on the chair for greater movement within a healthcare facility. The standard chair comes with two wheels at the back and feet on the front, making for easy movement within a room for cleaning. However, if the chair needs to be moved more than a few meters we can place 4 lockable wheels on the chair but it’s important to ensure staff are accountable to re-lock in the wheels once in place.

*custom options incur additional costs and lead time.


If you’re interested in a bariatric lift chair designed specifically for the healthcare industry, please feel free to call us on Free Call 1800 807 896 or drop in to see us at our Showroom. We can talk you through your requirements and all the options available to you.

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